Items That Keep Your Purse Organised All The Time

Be smarter about the way you organise your stuff. Sure, you are used to doing this at home, it being the number one place you will be at for the majority of the time, but remember that you aren’t exactly there ALL the time. And as such, the one thing that carries your important personal items should at least represent the decency and organisation of your organised home.

Sure, you can keep rearranging and decluttering your bag every day, but isn’t that tiring? Why not just do something to make the inside of your bag permanently organised and neat? Or at least make it easier to clean every night.

With that said, try getting these items.

Felt tote organiser

If you are having a problem with the shortage of your own pockets, try buying a felt tote organise. It keeps your items separated and neat as they are tucked away inside your bag, you shouldn’t have to worry about digging through your bag for whatever you wish to take out.

Index card case

Isn’t it annoying to have your receipts and all the other important papers inside your bag making a mess of everything? They get crumpled and you can’t exactly throw them away yet. It makes your bag look like a trash bin. So use an index card case to store your papers in. you can even label them so you don’t get confused.

Handbag organiser

If you want your items to stay in their place all day and not get rustled around when you move or when you take them out and put them back in, get a handbag organiser. This is where you put the bigger items so they don’t move around in your purse as much.

Vagabond Marabella Pouch

This is for the small items in your bag. It could also be used as a pouch for your cosmetics wherein you can store them in easily and won’t have to lose them inside the corners of your bag. If not, then use it for the tiny stuff you have.

Hydaway bottle

We always carry around water. We can’t help but be dehydrated, especially when we are away from home. But then again it’s annoying to carry around a bottle, especially when it’s empty. This kind of bottle here is the kind that will compress and collapse into a thin tiny thing if there is no water anymore. That way, it won’t consume so much space.

Cord tacos

Now, this is probably the most useful kind of item used for organising the inside of our purse. In this generation, we have headphones and music is easily accessible ANYWHERE. We want to listen to music all the time so we use headphones. The thing is, unless it’s Bluetooth, we are forced to use wires. And storing that in our bag is annoying. VERY annoying, since it has the tendency to wrap around itself and get tangled. So we use these cord tacos to keep them neat. This also goes the same for the chargers that we carry around all day.