What Every Woman Should Put in Her Handbag

Aside from the clothes, footwear, and jewelleries, you, as a lady, would usually bring a handbag when you go shopping in the mall, partying with friends, dating a special man, and more. Your handbag is more than just a fashion accessory; it is your lifesaver from embarrassment and awkward moments that can crop up very unexpectedly. Just look around you the next time you go out into the business, shopping, and entertainment districts of a city. Hardly can you see a lady without a handbag.

But what should you place into this fashionable lifesaver? Aside from your money, keys, and cell phone (obviously), don’t leave home without your handbag essentials

What You Should Put Inside Your Hand Bag

* Identification card
Don’t forget to bring important documents that you can use for identification such as your ID card. It is extremely useful. For example, a restaurant or pub may ask you to present your ID before you can buy a drink. You may need to have an ID card so you can transact business. Don’t ruin your day just because you forgot to bring your ID.

* Tissue paper
Have a small pack of tissue paper in your handbag. This is very handy. You can use sheets to wipe sweat and dust, get rid of your makeup, wrap your chewed gum, etc. The list goes on!

* A small makeup kit
In the hustle and bustle of shopping, dining, transacting business, partying, and getting from once place to another, that makeup you meticulously applied to your face hours before will soon rub off. Have a small makeup kit handy for reapplication of your makeup. Your makeup kit should have a face moisturiser, lip stick, lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, concealer, mirror, and baby wipes.

* Small bottle of hand sanitiser
While you’re on the go, you couldn’t count the times how many times you grabbed dirty door knobs, encountered coughs and sneezes, or placed your hands on the sink. Have a small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitisers to clean your hands if water and soap are not available.

* Deodorant and breath mint
Nothing turns off other people than the disgusting than stinky body odour and bad breath. But just expect these horrible scents to emanate from you after hours of sweating it out in the open and not having to brush your teeth. Alleviate the problem by bringing a small stick of deodorant and a small box of breath mints.

* Nail file and clippers
Your nails can get chipped or broken when you’re outside. Dirt might get inside your fingernails. Keep your fingernails trim and neat by bringing along a nail kit.

* Pain relievers and other medicines
Being out there in the sun, drinking one too many, consuming too much food—all these can lead to physical discomforts. Bring along some common over-the-counter medication for headaches, nausea, stomach pains, and allergies.

* Small notebook and pen
Don’t forget the name and number of a potential business partner, the address of a new friend’s home, the name of that fantastic restaurant, or the plate number of that taxi. Bring along a small notebook and pen to jot important things down.

Keep your lifesaver filled with these items and you’ll be okay in the urban jungle.