Tips For The Frugal Traveller

When travelling, one important thing you should consider is your bag. It should serve not only its function but also fits you and becomes your fashion statement. It should also fit your travel shopping! So, before you shop, you should shop first for your bag.

Consider first your body size and shape. Yes! Your bag should fit your body size and shape. If you are petite, choose a bag that is not too big so that it will not overwhelm your frame. A medium-sized bag should do. Avoid using bags with long straps because it will make you look shorter.

If you are tall and thin, choose a bag, preferably a handbag, that is short, wide and slouchy – this will even out your frame. Avoid using shoulder bags that have short straps because this will make you look even taller.

If you are stocky and big framed, choose a boxy large bag. This will balance out your frame. Bags with large prints will help neutralize your size. Avoid using small bags because it will make you look even bigger.

The next thing that you should consider is the type of bag that fits you, your work, or the occasion you will be attending. It may not always be appropriate to use your favourite shoulder bag when you are attending a cocktail party or a business meeting. So, it is important to know the different types of bag and their use.

The clutch bag is a small bag with no handle which you carry in your hands or tucked in your arms. You use this for formal occasions. Shoulder bags, as the name implies, are carried on your shoulders. It is big enough to carry your wallet, phone, make-up, and the like. It is good for everyday use. Handbags are those with no straps and are usually used when travelling.

Now you are ready for your travel shopping!