Portable Power

We all need a break every once in a while, and sometimes all it needs is for us to get in touch with nature… and what better way to do that than to go bike touring in the great outdoors? While this is definitely a good idea, one thing that could stop anyone in their tracks would be the question: What about my gadgets—what if their power runs out in the middle of nowhere? Fortunately, there are ways to avoid having power-zero when you’re on the go:

Fully-charge your gadgets before heading outdoors

The one thing that you have to ensure before you decide to go take your bike out on an adventure is to charge your gadgets completely. Although it is true you are going outdoors and should not be still constantly using your gadgets, you have to admit that they are still very useful especially in times of emergency. So it is important to make sure you leave your house with full, green battery icons on each gadget you intend to bring.

Bring a powerbank

There are some gadgets that easily consume power, so it helps to always carry a powerbank around with you. This can be useful especially if the one you have has an mAH (milli Ampere Hour) of more than 10,000 which can fully-charge up to two gadgets. A powerbank is a guaranteed power source for all your gadgets; just make sure to fully-charge it as well before you take it with you.

Find a supermarket or restaurant

When all else fails and you desperately need power, one thing you can do is find for an establishment with power outlets. If it’s a supermarket, you can always ask if they would agree to let you charge your gadget for a fee. When you are able to find a restaurant or coffee shop on your way, buy something to eat and chow down while you wait for your gadget to charge—this way no one wouldn’t have any moral qualms about you stealing power from their establishment.