2019’s Trending Handbags For This Autumn

If you’re ever wondering what kind of handbags are going to be in this autumn, don’t worry because so have we. We would like to know what’s trending too. It helps to know what’s going to be popular since we DO have this thing for following trends.

So let’s see what the internet has in store for us for what’s going to be a handbag trending for autumn 2019.

Cosy Up

For the first one this list, we have the fuzzy types of handbags that you can snuggle up to if you want to. They’re like stuffed toys turned into handbags, which is really neat. The fact that they’re made of fake fur makes them look really elegant, like they’re owned by those richer ladies who wear fur coats for most of the time.

Handheld Structures

People have been getting really creative with how they make the bags’ handholds. They can even make different sorts of shapes for the handles. Geometric designs are especially in for this upcoming season so if you are interested in this one then you better shop at your favourite brands’ online store right away before they go out.

The Croc Effect

The croc-embellished ones almost never go out of season. They have a really stylish kind of look that always look fantastic no matter what colour you decided to pick. You can go from the ones that have short straps or the ones with longer straps, it’s up to you. They never fail to look awesome and practically match with any outfit.

Double Trouble

What’s better than one fabulous bag? Two fabulous bags. Take a look at the handbags that have their own attached mini handbags! Some are just tiny versions of the bigger bag while some are of different style but the same colour. You can turn them into wallets or your make-up kit. It’s nice to have more room for your belongings, huh?

The Oversize Tote

Who says the bigger bags aren’t in trend? Because they are. They’re more convenient anyway. You can store your belongings in there without worrying about having left anything behind just because it won’t fit. With these bigger ones, you can pick any kind of design all you want.

Chain Reaction

Here’s another trend that never stops being trendy and awesome-looking. They’re basically bling at this point too and they look great. Now imagine a chain handbag that’s also made of crocodile skin. That’s leather and chains all mixed together, a recipe for something great.

Micro Minis

The tinier the better? In the handbags’ case, yes. Handbags have been getting smaller these past few years and we aren’t even sure what they hold anymore. They are only really good-looking but not convenient. Unless your pants and skirts have pockets, you can rock these bags without worry.