Handbags That Go Along With Any Dress

Are you the kind to go for black bags because they’re always in style no matter what generation? Well, you’re smart. They always go with any kind of dress too. But what about changing it up a notch but still able to match with any dressed or clothes you’re in the mood for?

There are about 4 handbag colours that aren’t black that could go with any type of dress you will wear. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing hot pink or something resembling a peacock, these handbag colours will make you wish you started with them in the beginning. At least with these ones, you wouldn’t have to worry about any dresses clashing.


Want one that doesn’t care what season it is? That goes with the seasons itself so you can carry them all year-long? Metallic handbags are the way to go. You can go for gold or silver ones, it doesn’t matter, the result is the same. They are stylish and really attractive. Your clothes will not clash with any shade you go for. It’s a little better than black too. Black is standard and pretty but it’s also too basic. Pick metallic tones from now on.


You can never go wrong with green, since it’s often called the neutral colour since it happens to be versatile. It looks best with neutral colours of dresses and clothes too, like brown, tan, black, navy and grey. Still, it would look good with just about any colour you decide you wanted to wear on that day. It’s pretty and adds a bright punch to any kind of sombre attire you have. Not that you wouldn’t look great with darker colours. Everyone does, by the way. That’s the magic of darker colours.


This is what black would look like if it wasn’t black. What we mean is that it’s the same as black where it goes with everything while also looking simple and nice. It’s attractive and standard, same as black. It falls into the brown categories that matches anything you can set your mind into. It compliments all kinds of clothes and your skin-tone too. While it looks great with all the colours in the world, it looks the BEST with darker clothes. It stands out the best in black also.


Something new to try that you won’t regret. It’s a great colour that compliments all skin tones with its cool shade. It’s the best colour on this list since it’s a warm version of blue that a majority likes. While it also looks great on all kinds of clothes with different colours, it looks greater with neutral colours such as navy, grey, black, brown and tan. So if you want a new handbag and don’t want to keep changing it just to match you outfit, then pick one of these colours.