Mums, What’s In Your Purse?

Being a mother is not easy and will never be even if you’re experienced already. There is also this unspoken law that if you’re a mother, you not only have to carry around a purse containing the needs of your child, but also the items that they MIGHT need. You never know when an accident might occur and you won’t be prepared for it.

Mothers need to be prepared.

So here are the things that need to be in a mother’s purse, based on scarymommy and theasianparent.


This sits on the top of the list because kids are messy and babies even more so. Wipes are used to, well, wipe away the mess that a simple tissue just couldn’t do. It can be used at home or wherever and it is almost a substitute for when there is no water to clean your hands or face.


Wipes are expensive so you need to have tissues as well just in case you run out of wipes. You also need this to wipe your kids’ butts when they poop. But more than anything, these are used to wipe your kids’ runny nose. We all have seen how they drip snot like nobody’s business. This is an essential to have.


This is a must. It can be used on hands, cheeks and even lips for when they’re chapped and your lip balm does the vanishing act on you. Don’t lick them though. Lotion is not for consuming, they are for restoring the nourishment you lost from looking after your children.


Whether they’re for you or for your kids, it doesn’t matter. You need to eat sometime while you’re on kid-duty and haven’t had any food since morning. They are also good for distracting your children long enough for you to get ahold of yourself and hear yourself think. Kids are amazing but I can understand the sentiment of wanting to just send them away to a deserted island. Sometimes.


This is for you, not the kids. Keep a diet coke there to boost up your energy. Motherhood is very tiring and energy-depleting so you need all the caffeine you can get your hands on to get some of that energy back.

Toys or Crayons

In the purse? Yeah, of course, why not? They are really great at distracting the little brats for when there is this long wait. It lessens the screams, the fussing and the crying. Maybe not by much but hey, better than nothing.


Aside from being a really good tool for listing down the appointments, shopping list and for when you need to contact important people with, this is also another and better distraction for your kids. The games and other apps in it are for them. They’re certainly better than the crayons or toys in your purse.


These things are perfect for hiding the eye bags under your eyes. Oops, did I say eye bags? I meant they’re perfect for shielding your eyes from the bright light while you’re driving. Too late, it’s already been said and yes, we need to hide these under-eye circles so we don’t show just how stressed we are in our life.


If I get a penny for the amount of times I’ve seen kids get hurt while they run around and play, I would probably be rich enough to buy that BTS album I wanted by now. Children are extremely clumsy especially when they play. Bandages or band aids are there to fix them up right away. They may cry, but they ALWAYS cry so there’s that.