The Bag Used For Travelling

First of all, you need to determine for how long will you be travelling because it will depend on the amount of time (for instance if it’s going to take days) you’re going out will we be choosing which bag you should take with you.

Let’s give out examples. For me whenever I have to leave home for a family reunion outside the city, it would usually take about 2 to 4 (sometimes 5) days. And considering that my family’s old house is somewhere rural so there isn’t a lot of internet connections much less things like malls. You get lucky if you can somehow get a signal.

You have to calculate in those days because you won’t only be bringing some clothes with you, you have to bring some sort of pseudo entertainment with you just so you won’t die of boredom when family dinners don’t happen yet. So aside from clothes and essentials (that should be enough for a few days), I have to pack my phones, portable chargers, my laptop and the charger for said laptop. Oh, and you can’t forget to bring some snacks too because there aren’t any close Seven Elevens right where I’m going.

So with all of those items in mind, what is the bag that I should bring? Well normally, I just bring a really huge backpack (I know witchcraft to make all my stuff fit in) however the best choice would have to be a small wheeled luggage. It can fit my clothes in plus it has a neat little spot for my laptop case where it’ll be safe without the fear of it getting damaged from the commute. As for my snacks, I can always just carry a small paper bag for them.


There are 3 features to think about when you want to choose for your bag and they are:

  • Size
  • Functionality
  • Style

For the types of travel that don’t really last for more than a day, you can just as easily pick one of the backpacks suggested in Travel Fashion Girl where they have an array of choices that not just work well in functionality, but also in the styles they have. Whenever I have a day out with girlfriends and I know they’ll last until into the dead of night, I just bring with me a small backpack. Since I’m more of a girl scout than a fashionista, I always carry an extra shirt and underwear just in case things get hairy. Aside from that, it’s usually the stuff any girl should carry around all the time. Of course, these go from your make-up kit to any emergency items like a small first-aid kit.

We always have to be prepared for when we’re out. Simple items like wipes and tissue should always be in there for cleaning, both of which I carry around all the time. So should you, by the way.