Simple and Practical Tips for Handbag Maintenance

Your handbag is more than just a container for your personal belongings while you’re out shopping, travelling, partying, dating, dining, or transacting business. It is also a fashion accessory that can stay volumes about you. Are you carrying a jewellery studded clutch bag? Then you must be a sophisticated woman with an eye on style and luxury. Are you carrying a rugged-looking tote? Then you must be an avid traveller. Are you clutching a plain but stylish leather bag? Then you must be an idealistic executive.

Just like any other fashion accessory, you should take good care of your bag. Here are some easy ways to do it.

General To-Do’s

* Upon returning home, make it a point to store your bag in its dust cover. If you lost the original bag cover, use a natural fibre pillow cover. The cover will protect your bag from dust, debris, and insects.

* Always make sure your hands are clean and dry when handling bags with light colours or those that are made of materials that can easily be stained. In the same way, do not touch your bag after handling beauty products such as face foundations, makeup, or hand creams. Use wet wipes to get rid of smudges on the bag.

* Rain weather can be detrimental to your handbag. If you’re going out on a rainy day, bring a less expensive handbag. Or, you can buy a rain cover (you can buy one in outdoor adventure shops) that you can use to protect your bag.

* Protect the inside of your bag from makeup smudges by making sure your makeup kit is completely shut and locked. Eyeliners and lipsticks should have their covers on. The same goes with hand sanitisers, rubbing alcohol, and other liquids. Make sure their caps are snapped tight.

* Some bags are firm due to the tough material. But don’t use that as an excuse to use your shoulder bag as a pad to rest your paper to write notes. That’s because the sharp point of your pen can leave ugly impressions on those firm leathers. Worse, inkblots may seep through the paper and imbed themselves on your expensive bag’s finish. Yikes!

* If your bag has a chain for a handle or strap, store the chain inside the compartment when you’re not using your bag. This prevents the chain from scratching the outside leather.

Cleaning Your Bag

* To restore your leather bag’s lustre and shine, apply a little bit of leather conditioner, which will replenish the leather’s natural oils. Before you do this, however, check your conditioner by applying it on an inconspicuous area on your bag.

* Use a white, microfiber cloth to clean your bag. Dampen the cloth so that dirt from the bag will easily stick to it.

* Discoloration, which can happen over time, can be treated through commercially available leather sprays. Just match the product’s colour to the original colour of the bag.

* Do not use solvents and strong cleaners as this will irreparably damage the leather.

Long term storage

* Undo the straps and buckles and place them inside your bag. This prevents unsightly impressions on your bag.

* Pad the bag from inside with bubble wrap, foam, or packaging paper so it would retain its shape even when stored. Finally, wrap your bag with bubble wrap.

Following these pointers will make your bag look brand new for all time.