Learn To Accessorise Your Handbag!

What’s better than accessories? Accessorising your accessories, that’s what. It’s kind of a thing the past couple of years, to accessorise the accessories you own and make it a sort of customised thing that you personally made for yourself. People value uniqueness, you know. You can do that as well. Decorating your bag is fun thing to do and you even get something out of it in the end: a prettier bag!

The best thing about this is that you can just use every day things and items to decorate your own little bag!

Grosgrain Ribbon

Come one, you have to admit that having a ribbon for a strap is way better than the ones they attached on a bag sometimes. Be creative in how you accessorise, right? This is one of the ways you can do so, by going for a ribbon and replacing the normal, boring strap your bag has been using.

Printed Scarf

Got an unused scarf that you don’t want to use anymore? Well. Don’t throw that away just yet! Give your little bag a feminine look by knotting the corner of the bag’s handle with the printed scarf that you have! Make sure to wrap it tightly, okay? With this, you don’t have to throw away something that would have been wasteful if you had.


Want a Chanel vibe? Well, chains are the way to go then! The best part about this is the fact that chains make the bag look more expensive. That means YOU would look expensive. Use chains as the new straps if you don’t have to go for the ribbons, or better yet, wrap them both around each other so you can get the colour form the ribbon and the bling from the chain.


A little more on the street-like look, tie the bandana anywhere you think it wold look great. Tie it in a way that you want! The same results will still be there and just as fabulous too. And if you want your bag to be more luxurious-looking, use a silk bandana instead. That is certainly one way to accessorise your bag.

Key Chains

If you don’t want something as big as a scarf for your handle. Then why not accessorise it with keychains that you personally like? Keychains that pertain to anything under the sun, from fruits or animals to characters or printed words, you can go nuts with it. I personally have two keychains on my own bag, characters from an Indie game I love so much. It added more style to my bland-looking bag.

Whatever you want to do to your bag and how you want to accessorise it is definitely up to you. Bring out your creativity when you feel like it’s time to start customising you stuff. You can even go the mile and use craft supplies for it!