I Bought My Mum Her First Ever Handbag

The first time I earned my salary at my first job, I planned out my budget right away. There was a part that was supposed to be for the bills that I had to pay, there was also the groceries that needed attention and then there was the savings.

he part that I took care in budgeting was what I call the “Mum Percent”. It was a cut from my salary that was specifically for my mum and my mum only. Not for me, no bills and no nothing. It was all for her. Until now, I still continue the practice of giving my mum a cut of my salary because, well, she’s my mother. She gave birth to me. Do you have any idea how painful that is? And then she raised me, which I KNOW was hard because I know for a fact that I’m an absolute terror as a child.

So for my first ever Mum Percent, I bought her a handbag. Her very first one.

Mum’s Handbag

I went shopping right away after I received my first salary. I grabbed my best friend and told her that she was going to help me buy mother a handbag and she eagerly helped me. The sad part was that none of us were handbag girls so we didn’t know what looked pretty and what didn’t. To us, an attractive bag was a backpack that was small, compact and easy to carry around (while her style was more of a sling-type of bag). And because I’m not actually a great daughter myself, I did NOT know what my mum liked.

Luckily, clerks were easy to approach at the mall. Id dint order a bag online because I didn’t want to pay extra for a shopping fee and because I couldn’t trust the quality shown on screen compared to just actually looking at it real time in the mall. It was hard looking for the perfect bag right within my budget but then…

I found one that even I liked.

It was pastel pink, and was on sale. I KNEW it was a good one because a lot of ladies were also trying to buy it for themselves. I even almost didn’t get to buy it, luckily there was still one last left. It was both a hand bag AND a sling. With a golden chain and all.

My mother loved it. I don’t think I saw her look that bright in my entire life. I was even nervous about giving it to her, thinking she wouldn’t like it. But my best friend told me she was going to love it. I’m glad I listened to her because my mum was happy. Next time though, maybe I should go look at handbag buyer’s guide before shopping for another one.