Purse-Friendly Snacks!

We get hungry at the most random times. The amount of times that I would get the hangriiiiess is absurd, especially when there aren’t any restaurants or convenient stores nearby. If I ever get a penny for whenever hunger attacks while I’m either walking or working, I would be rich enough to get a brand new car.

An exaggeration but you get what I mean.

I need a bunch of purse-friendly snacks on hand.

Oranges and Tangerines

The rind will make sure that the insides of your purse won’t get sticky. The citrus itself will be okay in it for a few more days so call it your emergency snack. And since it’s a fruit, you can expect no unhealthy side-effects to eating it.

Raw Nuts

They make the hangries go away and they make your brain work better. Talk about a snack! Nuts don’t go bad if they are being kept in your bag for too long and if you crush them to itty-bitty pieces, there won’t be any choking hazard if you decide to feed them to your tiny humans. Stash some of them in your purse. They’re easy enough to purchase anyway.

Dried Fruit

Something that had been preserved can’t go bad if kept for long, right? And since dried fruit are known to be so sugary and sweet, it is one way to get that batch of energy fuel to go up. At least you could go for another few hours with that loaded sugar rush you have. And besides, dried fruit is certainly a better emergency healthy snack rather than a candy bar, right?

Fruit/Nut Bar

They are specifically made to be healthy and portable, not to mention they keep you sated until the next meal you eat. Some even eat these for meals instead of the average meal you would eat, in order to stay in shape. It’s sort of a diet regime for them which I understand, really. These bars have saved my butt during lunch times far too many times for me to just dismiss them.


I guess you could put this in the Dried Fruit department. Raisins usually come in small boxes so you can pack them neatly into your purse just as easily. And if your tummy ever starts to complain on another random time of the day, just pull that box out and have a quick snack. They’re seedless for most of the time anyway so it’s an easy snack.

Your Own Trail Mix

Why not make your own version of one? Consisting of some raisins, popcorn, nuts and chips, you could get a full meal out of this one just by eating them. You can even had some chocolate chips into them if you like, just to make the whole snack sweeter. I know I wouldn’t say no to a little chocolate.